understand the

and the WHY

based on knowledge

Every day provides material for new ideas. Everywhere I move there are new things to discover and experience. 

This is probably the reason why my curiosity and my thirst for knowledge are never satisfied, but always drive me to look under the next stone on my path.

Of course, this is not only about my profession, but also about such essential topics as our nature, politics, the cultures and philosophies of our world, as well as their fruits, which show themselves in the form of wisdom, designs, pictures and words - in other words, art.

When I experience something new, I can't wait to learn more about it. .  . and when it is good, I just want to do it, drive it, experience it . . .
Of course not all of this leads to success, but isn't life exactly about trying things out, just doing them when you think they are good? ...and to learn from the experiences?

This knowledge gives me new courage and drives me on to learn new things and apply what I have learned. . . and to pass it on . . . since 2018 in my very personal heart project Izandla-Zethu within the non-profit organization Masifunde.

apply the learned