. . . this principle forms the basis for all my thoughts and actions, beyond my profession. . . and I am happy when I meet more and more people who live by the same maxims.

Sustainability also means passing on experience and knowledge

Everyone has different ways of implementing ethics and sustainability in their everyday life and work.

For me it means - for example when shopping for groceries - that I first carefully plan what I will really consume so that I don't have to throw anything away. So I consciously divide up what I can buy directly at the farmer's and weekly market or at the unpackaged shop. When I buy all other products - preferably at the organic shop, or spontaneously at the small, local supermarket - I prefer to buy products that are certified with quality seals such as Demeter or Bioland.

Fair, ecological, socially sustainable, conscious and if possible locally

. . . for example, to people who have not yet had the chance to discover their talents and use them to make a living. Even if I only achieve a very small contribution with it, I try to implement this idea in my heart project, Izandla-Zethu.

This project, which I set up together with my cousin and his nonprofit organization masifunde in South Africa, presents me with particular challenges at this time. In the start-up phase I was in South Africa two to three times a year - with the aim of gradually reducing the number of visits.

Covid19 has accelerated this process extremely and of course - as in all other areas affected by the pandemic - makes me think about what is really important. . . what it really takes. . .

Digitalization opens up chances

I try to apply this principle when shopping for all products ... including household goods, clothing, cosmetics, furniture, and many others. Of course, I am not always able to implement this in all areas without exception ... I do not have these absolute demands on myself or other people. Essentially, it is a matter of receiving everything that nature lends us within our means. . . to protect the earth's resources and to preserve them for our future generations.

The digital possibilities help to keep in touch, to plan, to exchange ideas with teams ... but I have noticed that personal contact with people is essential and cannot be replaced by any Zoom conference.

As part of this rethinking and new thinking, I am now trying to find out for myself what - of everything I consume - is essential for me ... and what I can and want to give up. Traveling and the longing to experience the world have repeatedly led me to different cultures in recent years, where I have found new inspiration for my life and for my work. Now that this is no longer possible, I am getting to know my home anew, but I feel that the longing to explore other countries has not subsided. . .