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about work

If you want to create new footprints, you need to go your own way . . . 

This is how your very personal, constant companion and its unique story are created . . .


Experience materials through touch and sight


It is so much more than just a visit to my goldsmithery when we meet in my workshop to work together, take a look at the shapes,
materials, colors and dimensions of your new, handmade, steady companion.
A very special, personal experience . . .


Getting started with concrete planning


everything new starts with an idea.
We work out how your very personal piece of jewelry will look like . . .


Bringing the ideas into a shape - the first implementation step


If I - for example - use your own material, melting down and casting your gold is like a new beginning,
to give new meaning to old, meaningful things . . .


hand forged . . . a meditative, formative process


The form emerges . . . a process that I love so much in my job. Your timeless gold gets in this step
- in addition to the actual structure- its permanent solidity and the exact dimensions.


professional tools


Every time I use one of my tools, I am happy to fulfill its purpose . . . especially when, while using it,
I realize how much thought the developers have put into planning the functions that fulfil the working requirements.


love and lasting moments


Doing what I do and doing it the way I do, leads me to realize that somehow . . . it's all about love.
My dear customers come to me because they want something
that makes special moments and memories unforgettable . . .

I like this idea and try to make myself aware of it every day.

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