about me

so much more than just a visit to my workshop . . .
ideas, shapes, materials, colors . . . emotions

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My almost 28 years of self-employment  are characterized by learning and experiencing, trying new things

and failing, trying again and succeeding, laughing and crying, looking for inspiration

and working hard to survive, consuming all available energy and recharging again . . .


Never giving up has helped me develop my true master-abilities.


As a master goldsmith, today I no longer implement everything, but I decide very consciously what I will do . . .

A day, apparently like any other . . .


Every day provides material for new ideas. Everywhere I go there is something new to discover and experience . . .  

This is probably the reason why my curiosity and my thirst for knowledge are never satisfied, but drive me again and again to look underneath the next stone on my way.

Of course, it's not just about my job, but also about very natural encounters or simple tasks to be done and also about such essential topics as our nature, politics, cultures and philosophies of our world, as well as their fruits, which manifest themselves in the form of wisdom, designs, pictures and words.

About Nature, Inspiration, Passion and Purpose. . .


When I encounter something new, I can't wait to learn more about it . . .

and if it's good, I want to use it, drive it, experience it . . .


Of course, not all of this leads to success, but isn't life exactly about trying things, just doing them,

if you think they're good? . . . and to learn from the experiences . . . ?

These insights always give me new courage and drive me to keep learning new things

and applying what I have learned . . . and keep giving . . . as in my project of the heart izandla zethu

in Walmer Township, Gqeberha, South Africa.

Impressions of a few moments in Gqeberha after the work is done . . .


izandla zethu means our hands in the isiXhosa language.

Our hands are made to move and create.


This thought inspired me to launch together with the non-profit organization  masifunde

our izandla zethu project in South Africa.


. . .  Join us for a little insight into this extraordinary project ->  

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doing what I do and doing it the way I do,
leads me to the awareness that somehow it is ... always about love.
I like this idea and try to live it every day.


And that's us ... a strong team

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Michaela Römer

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Noemi Zoé Drollinger

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Karsten Franz