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somehow it's all about love


With 37 years of experience as a craftswoman, I have been creating lasting values

with my hands in my own studio for 30 years.

My jewelry is always about love and life - across many generations.

This understanding and my love for crafts motivate me to this day, as a master goldsmith,

to plan each 'companion' together with my customers and then to personally design and make it.


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This is how your personal, constant companion

and its unique story is created . . .


Experience materials by seeing and feeling


Safe your appointment for this one visit to my gold-smithery, where we will check out shapes,

materials, colors and dimensions of your new, handmade, constant companion.

A very special, personal experience. . .

Together we plan all details

everything new starts with an idea.
We work out how your very personal piece of jewelry will look like . . .


Bringing the ideas into a shape - the first implementation step

Everything new starts with an idea


After our planning, you know exactly what your unique piece of jewelry will look like. . .
and I then have everything I need to start making it


The forging of gold. . . a meditative, formative process

The shape emerges. . . Forging is a  process that I particularly love in my profession.

In this step, your timeless gold receives its lasting strength and exact dimensions.


professional tools

I love working with high-quality tools and am always happy about the best possible result


Making moments unforgettable


My dear customers come to me because they want something
that makes precious moments and memories unforgettable . . .

That's exactly why I do what I do and do it the way I do it.

I like this idea and try to remind myself of it every day.


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Alle Videos

Alle Videos
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One typical day in my working life

One typical day in my working life

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About me and my work

About me and my work

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Inspirations  during my visit in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) 2022

Inspirations during my visit in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) 2022

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izandla zethu

izandla zethu

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Accompany me through my work...

And that's us... ten legs, four names, a strong team

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Michaela Roemer



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